How to create lapels within an Entity
21, December, 2023 - Valentina Marti Reta
Sometimes, so that the information we want to manage is organized by certain criteria, we want more than one view section in our Entity. Fortunately JRapid offers us a tool that can help us with that pretty easily: tabs.    Within an entity we only need to give the tab (our lapel) a label and then make sure that everything that goes in said section is written tabbed after that.
   For example, suppose we want to give a Person entity (whose attributes are name, last name, hobbies and favorite music genre) two lapels: one with their personal information and another with fun-facts about them. To give live to this idea, the following code models said example in the MEXX syntaxes.

         <!-- Here might go subsets, defaulters or filters - ->
         #tab label=?Personal Information?
            name d
            lastname d
         #tab label=?Personal Fun-Facts?
            hobbies d
            favorite music genre d

   The great thing about tabs is that within them we can have more than properties; we can also have listings, embedded listing, actions, sets, enums and widgets. So one could say that tabs are your oyster!