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1. About us

We are Rapid Software
We develop web and mobile systems. We created JRapid, a powerful development tool used by our programmers and other software development companies.


Our company was born 18 years ago.


We have systems running in clients without interruption for 13 years.


Thousands of users connect daily to systems build by us.

2. JRapid

Our differentiating factor: JRapid.
JRapid is our development tool. As a result of 15 years of experience, it enables us to develop systems of higher quality, at a lower cost, and in less time.







3. ComprarOnline

Experts in E-commerce

4. Business Process Management

Experts in BPM and records management.

6. Success stories

Systems and apps built for our customers
Developed by us and third parties using JRapid

Cooper Bros Group

BPM System

We develop a management system for the company's records


Collection management system using JRapid.

We developed a tax audit and collection management system using JRapid.

Elena Difusión

E-commerce site using ComprarOnline

We implemented an efficient sales platform with integration to MercadoLibre.


Frigolar developed a sellers app

We developed a mobile application for the Android platform using JRapid and Apache Cordova.


Bordigoni implemented a Concrete Mixer Management System.

Bordigoni, a leading company in the construction market, trusted Rapid Software to develop a management system for their Concrete Mixer plant. By using JRapid, a system was successfully created to control the production and administrative processes of the plant, generating real-time reports and statistics.


Digital Payslip Management System

We created a secure web and mobile system for the visualization of digital payslips


7. Our team

Matías Bagini


Matías is a Computer Engineer graduated from ITBA in 2005. He is a professor of Object-Oriented Programming at the same university and the founder of Rapid Software. He is a versatile professional and performs a variety of roles in the company, ranging from commercial functions to team building, architecture, and programming.

Yenderson Colmenares


Yenderson is a software developer at Rapid Software, primarily focused on front-end development for projects. However, he also performs tasks in the back-end, particularly in Java and SQL environments. With his experience on both sides of software development, Yenderson is a valuable member of the Rapid Software team.

Valentina Marti Reta


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Luciano Neimark


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Do you have offices?
Yes, we have offices located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
How experienced is your development team?
Our development team is highly experienced. Matias, the founder, graduated in 2005 as an Computer Engineer from ITBA and has 20 years of professional experience. He has been a speaker at numerous conferences and is also a professor at a university. Matias is also the founder of the Java and AWS User Groups in Buenos Aires. With such a strong background and expertise, our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of development projects.
Which technologies and programming languages does your company specialize in?
Do you follow Agile development methodologies?
Can you use Node.js/Ruby/Python/PHP for backend development?
Can you work with modern frontend frameworks like React, Angular, and Flutter?
Are you familiar with cloud technologies like AWS or Azure?
Can you provide us with a team of Python/Ruby/Node.js/React developers?
How do you stay updated with the latest technologies and trends?
How do we get started with our software development project?
What is your typical software development process?
How do you handle maintenance and support after the project is delivered?
Can you provide examples of your past projects and client references?

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